• Freedom, in fact, is not instant. It takes work. There is no pill you can swallow. But the work is do-able.

  • Everyone, yes everyone, has to change inside. This website will explain how that is done. The tools are available and will be put into your hands. The question then is: do you have the willpower - to make freedom happen for yourself ?

  • I offer you the fast path and the slow path and a summary of the lies we are told. Why do I bother with these lies ? Because, as Jesus said, "The truth will make you free." It is just necessary to understand that you have been lied to and lied to in the most profound way.
  • Please read Context to understand more about the why of freedom. Then try taking the fast path and reading about the lies we are told. If the fast path is too steep for you, try the slow path.

  • "You are not a drop in the ocean........................
    You are the entire ocean in a drop................."