• Mankind is not free. That seems a strange thing to say because you are probably not locked in a cell somewhere. Actually the presence and absense of prison bars does not make any difference. Nor does you gender or your skin color or any aspect of your shape and size make any difference either.

  • What does make a difference then ? In two words: egotism and karma. These are the factors within yourself.

  • But the world around you is awash with illusion. These illusions are designed with hooks to snare your egotism or your karma or both. And our diet is full of drugs to make the illusions more powerful. So we take sugar which locks us into our egotism so any subsequent hook for our egotism is impossible to resist. And we drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes where each glass or each cigarette lowers our vibration a notch. And these things are addictive. Why do you think that is ? Even a simple thing like a cup of coffee restricts your ability to perceive the energy around you. Oh and coffee is addictive too.

  • So, you get the general idea. Everything is set up to screw with your head, your vibration, or your ability to perceive.
  • Then there is sport, the great sleeping pill for the masses. And notice childrens' games which follow the same pattern as sport. The pattern of winning and losing. What complete crap that is. It does not matter at all who wins and who loses. All competitive sport is built around illusion. You have to believe it matters or the sport becomes meaningless. So what is that ?
    It is just a belief. It is arbitrary and bogus, like all other beliefs. If you are prone to bogus beliefs, as most people are, do the work of Byron Katie.

  • Please think for a moment of where we are in time. The age of Pisces has come to an end. We are now in the age of Aquarius. Now think of the images of these ages. Pisces was two fish swimming in opposite directions. War, for example, is Piscean. Sport similarly is Piscean. But for Aquarius there is one figure (male or female) pouring water from a vessel over the Earth. There is no competition here, now everyone is equal.

  • On this website, I speak about paths of preparation. Preparation for what ? Preparation for ascension. What is ascension ? To ascend is to emerge from the sticky, sugary treacle of illusion. If you want to be fooled, if you want illusion, you need do nothing because you will be trapped by the illusion like a movie-goer engrossed in a film. If, however, you don't want to be conned any more, if you want to emerge from the treacle, then choose a path of preparation. A path of preparation is a path of change.

  • I have changed myself. I have become what is known as a way shower. All I am doing here is giving you paths so you can follow me and step out of the treacle. The more people who can emerge the better for humanity.

  • What is happening, somewhat behind the scenes, is a battle between good and evil on this planet. That battle has come to a head. The result is that our dear Earth will split. One Earth for people who have cleaned their karma and lost their egotism on which we will re-create the Garden of Eden. On the other Earth, the devil will rule without opposition from Archangels. It will become eventually a bit like the movie "The Hunger Games". There will be no bus service between between the Earths. They will be dimensionally separated.
  • When will this happen ? Well I am told the end of the old world will be one night before October, 2026. It may be years before. The following morning will be the first morning of the New Earth.
  • Good luck to everyone reading this.