It is through your karma that you are manipulated as you are through your egotism.

    Everyone has karma. And karma can be cleared. It is not an inevitable burden whatever the eastern religions may say.

    Your karma resides in what is called your causal body. This is an energetic body that you cannot see with normal perception. Eckhart Tolle calls this setup the Pain Body. I use the traditional vocabulary.

    However, if you attain what is called inner silence. Which is where the talking monkey, or whatever you call it in your head, has been switched off, then you can see the causal body and the karma within it. The meditation in the video lasts for 35 minutes. Most of that time is a complex meditation to put you into inner silence. So please take this meditation seriously and when the speaker says "close your eyes" then please do that thing and just listen to the words and do what the speaker suggests. This video was made on Second Life.

    Some people have a powerful subconscious and that transforms their karma into a landscape or some other visual show that is much more complicated than the blobs spoken about. If that is the case with you, speak to your body, say "Body, please let me see my karma just as blobs of energy."

    If you want to read the text for the video, click here: The text for the video.

    Cleaning your karma takes time. It may take you years. But please persevere on a daily basis. Nothing will bring about a more complete change in you than clearing out your karma. Also as a side benefit, this process will restore your health, if you are ill. Even serious illnesses. Because it is your karma that causes everything that happens to you. And I mean everything.

    When I quote from the book by Gangaji, it is the book called "The Diamond in your Pocket". I read chapter 8. Perhaps I should also say that a person full of karma will live for 70 to 90 years or thereabouts. Whereas, a person with no karma will live for between 110 and 150 years.

  • This book is really essential reading. The first couple of times you read it, you think it is a good book. By the third time you read it, something else happens: you realise that you yourself are an egoist and this book gets to the mad egoistical part of you and diminishes it. Please note that when he speaks of the pain body, he is speaking about what I call karma.

    The spiritual content of this book is very necessary for all humanity.