• When I was a youngster, it was understood by everyone that each gender had its own natural color. The boys wore blue and the girls wore pink. Well, guess what: the natural color for a girl is azure blue and the natural color for a boy is pink . You see how profound and thorough going is the manner in which we have been lied to. Almost everything has been put upside down for us. You think I am crazy to say this ? Well you ascend, as I have, and you ask the same question.

  • Now music. All the music in the west is off-color, as it were. It sounds harmonious. But it does not affect us. It does not make us charged with emotion as it should. That is because it is mis-tuned. All instruments are tuned to an A of 440Hz, it is called the A440 standard. That is universal in the west. In fact, all that has to be done is to re-tune to an A of 444Hz and suddenly music will work as music again.

  • Now events. I will focus on just one event, as it is one I have looked at and studied to some extent. This is the "attack" on the USA allegedly by Osama bin Laden that took place on September 11th, 2001. In fact, it wasn't. That is a modern myth effectively perpetrated by the authorities in the USA at the time. What actually happened was that the Neo-Conservatives in the administration of the younger Bush realized that they needed a Pearl Harbour type event to galvanize defense spending in the USA. They made it happen and they succeeded perhaps beyond even their dreams. They put the myth of terrorism firmly on the map. They set up the circumstances for the Bush administration to more then double the USA government debt and it all went on defense spending and war. But it was not just the west that believed in this myth, young salafist muslims believed it too. They thought that now they had leadership for a jihad against the west. So they rushed to sign up for this jihad. So the whole point of this fake terrorism was to generate war.

  • This is the debris after the sad recent crash of a Germanwings flight into a mountain in France. Please note that the pilot accelerated the plane into the rock of the mountain, this was no low speed crash, instead it was a very high speed crash. Please note, the depris has not vaporized or in any way disappeared. Plane crashes leave a lot of debris. This aircraft was an Airbus A320. In terms of relative size, a Boeing 757 is a bit bigger than an Airbus 320, it is some 30 foot longer and each wing is 4 foot longer. So a Boeing 757 crash would result in more debris not less.

    Please notice that whatever happened here in Shanksville, it was not the scene of a plane crash.
    Here is the Pentagon, photographed soon after the attack and before the upper part of the building had collapsed:
    Again, whatever happened here, it is not the scene of a plane crash, as alleged.
  • Let's see some videos, now, and you will gradually watch the entire myth dissolve:

    Firstly commercial aviation pilots explain what is possible with a commercial jet plane and what is not:
    The film Loose Change has been heavily edited, however the original film has been preserved, here it is:
    Loose Change, however, misses many important points. Dr Judy Wood fills in the gaps. She focusses on the twin towers and their disappearance and she regards the planes as a distraction. Some moments towards the end are self-indulgent but she makes all the important points about the buildings:
  • This is what appears to have happened. Bear in mind that air traffic control has radar that shows the position of an aircraft two dimensionally which is to say from the point of view of North-South and East-West. But the height of an air plane is obtained from the transponder on the air plane itself. If the transponder is turned off, air traffic control cannot judge the height of the aircraft. The transponders of all four aircraft were switched off and all four aircraft were landed at a military base. Probably, from that same military airfield, two unmanned military air planes, flown as drones, took off. They were painted to look like commercial passenger jets. These were guided remotely towards the twin towers. At each tower there was a guidance system to guide each unmanned military jet to a particular point on the tower. The point of that is that if a mostly aluminium aircraft hits a steel clad building like the WTC towers were, it may make a dent and cause a fireball, and then it will slide to the ground, but it won't penetrate. But these planes did penetrate. So they hit a specially prepared target where there were explosive charges on the outside of the building to make the plane shaped hole in the building. At the military airfield, meanwhile, various passengers were encouraged, perhaps under duress, to make scripted cell phone and "air-phone" calls to their relatives. Rebekah Roth who was a flight attendant for 30 years says it is evident that even the flight attendant is on the ground and not in the air as she speaks. The passengers were then all put on UA93 and flown to Cleveland, Ohio.
  • How it was done is one thing, but, because thousands of people died, it is important that we remember the dead.