• The Second Attention and the Moon (why the brain is useless).

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    I have news for you that may come as a shock or a surprise. But you are, all of you caught in a trap set by the Anunnaki. That trap is called the First Attention. The whole of mankind, more or less, is caught in the same trap. What I will do in this document is explain how to extricate yourself from this trap. And this is possible because you are dealing with Anunnaki technology and Anunnaki technology is kind-of sloppy. It works because you have never thought to look at it.

    Before I describe it though, how has this come about? Essentially because we have Anunnaki DNA. At least they have modified human genetics. They have done so in a way that produces an energetic structure, not a physical structure. All the modifications of the human being date back to Atlantis. They started modifying humans then. And by now the modification is universal. If you want to hear more about the Anunnaki, I recommend that you listen to the youTube videos of Barbara Marciniak. She channels people from the Pleiades and they have a similar problem to ourselves and more experience than us of dealing with it. Incidentally the Anunnaki are reptiles.

    I can describe this technology but how did I come to be able to do this? Well I looked at myself when I was half-asleep. That is the time when you can see your own energy. When you are fully awake that is nearly impossible because you fall by habit every morning as you wake up, you fall into the trap set by the Anunnaki. When you are half-asleep though, all is possible. The problem then though is to have the will power to make something happen. But you can see everything.

    Let me describe what is there. In the cerebellum, which is at the back of the brain, you have something roughly the size and shape of what I call a table tennis ball. Now I am speaking about what I could see in myself when I am half asleep. And I am speaking about energy as well as what is physically there. Because you can see your own energy when you are half-asleep. Your energy forms a kind of physical structure but you would never see that in a dissection of a brain. Yet it is also structure and the Anunnaki technology is in the form of energetic structure.

    Now in this table tennis ball in the cerebellum is where you keep your mentality. This is a kind of colourless energetic fluid. However the table tennis ball has a hole at the back. Though this hole goes the connection for the Anunnaki projector. That looks like a fatish black disk on the end of a black pole. It is the black pole that passes through the hole in the table tennis ball. The black disk is inside the table tennis ball.

    What the projector, the disk, does is project your mentality forward throughout the whole brain. What is projected forward is a kind of image of your mentality. It is not, in fact, your real mentality. Your real mentality stays in the table tennis ball in your cerebellum.

    And what thoughts is that image of your mentality processing ? Those thoughts are provided by the projector. So you are thinking Anunnaki thoughts.

    Now this is where this account is going to get seriously shocking. The problem is that the Anunnaki know you better than you know yourself. And yes that is surprising but it is true. The Anunnaki projector system is based on the Moon. The Moon is not a real moon. The Moon is an Anunnaki construct. The original Earth had no moon at all. You notice how pock marked the moon is from the impacts of asteroids and by comparison how the Earth is not pock marked in a similar manner. The Anunnaki have technology that allows them to pour rock. They can make rock into a fluid that then hardens into any shape they want. Notice how big the moon is. It is precisely the size needed to block out the sun. And notice that the moon always presents the same face to the Earth. The Moon is full of super computers that control every single one of us and that is all seven billion of us. The system is a bit like a DVD player where they slot in the DVD that is most likely to get a rise from you. To get you to respond emotionally to the pattern of thoughts they have given you. And, of course, the Moon also has projectors to project to you whatever DVD the supercomputer has selected for you. As I said earlier, and it is worth repeating, the Anunnaki know you better than you know yourself.

    Beware of youTube videos about the Anunnaki. Because be aware these videos are being made by people who are in the First Attention, so what they say is being controlled by an Anunnaki projection. So are the Anunnaki going to tell you the truth about themselves ? Of course not. Beware of Sumerian tablets and illustrations. And essentially for the same reason. Think of time here. The Sumerians lived 6,000 years ago. But the Anunnaki genetic modification of human beings started 13,000 years ago. I very much doubt if you can trust this material. If you really want to understand the Anunnaki, listen to the videos made by the Pleiadians channelled by Barbara Marciniak. Also as the Pleiadians have said, the Anunnaki are masters of genetic engineering. So our first interaction with them may not be with themselves. It is more likely that they will present beings that are quasi human. So watch out, if you see apparently benign quasi human beings step out of a space-ship they are very likely to be an Anunnaki genetic experiment who have been invited to act on behalf of the Anunnaki.

    Another thing. Everybody on this planet has what is called a spirit guide. Spirit guides are people in what they think of as real life. Which is to say that in our terms, they are dead people. However, a spirit guide is conscious and active. Now they can be liars but when they are talking to you about your own energy, they will tell the truth. I strongly recommend that you make a firm connection with your spirit guide. Just talk to this person. They have names too, find out your spirit guide's name and ask for the dimension that he/she is in. A word about dimensions: "hell" as they call it in the spirit world is anywhere with a dimension higher than 15. Dimensions 15 through to 11 the spirit world calls "purgatory". Dimensions with a lower number than 11 are the best dimensions.

    What can you do about all the Anunnaki modifications? Well you can counteract it physically. What I have discovered is that I can reach in with my fingers and pull the projected mentality backwards. This stops the projection. What I do is simply reach up and stroke my fingers through my hair towards the back. Don't worry about the length of your fingers or worry at all about your ability to do this. Just reach up and pull back the projected mentality.

    Once you have done that and all the mentality is back in the table tennis ball. Well remember the hole at the back of the table tennis ball. With your intent draw your mentality out of the table tennis ball through that hole.

    May I say something before you say that you cannot do that. You are sovereign. You are your own King or Queen. You can do anything you want within yourself. Your tool is your own intent.

    When you have all your mentality in the table tennis ball, you are a victim of the Anunnaki system and your thought pattern is being projected forward by the Anunnaki projector into some pattern of thoughts that will bother you emotionally.

    Yet if you can pull your mentality out of the little hole in the back, and I find it most easy to bring the mentality a bit forward of the table tennis ball by bringing it underneath the ball. I found it impossible to bring the mentality fluid over the top of the table tennis ball. Once your mentality is outside the table tennis ball, you are in what is called the Second Attention.

    So back to myself. One time I pulled the mentality out of the table tennis ball while half asleep. The morning I then had was unlike any morning I have had before. I was fascinated by reflections of light and I was fascinated by shadows. Time, as well, works differently when you are in the second attention. But by the afternoon, my mentality had been drawn somehow back into the table tennis ball and I was again the victim of projected thoughts.

    Over the next several days I tried to do the same thing as I had done the first day, yet somehow I never seemed to have the will power to do things in my half-awake state. Yet I worked at it and as I worked at it more and more in my half-asleep state with a fixed intent, I found, gradually, that I could have some of the same awareness when awake. The difference is that, when awake, I can apply my intent.

    My recommendation for each of you is that first you establish the intent to wake up partially and while half-asleep look at your own cerebellum. Do this by simply stating your intent each night before you go to bed or just after you go to bed. Then, when you can see the table tennis ball in the cerebellum and the connector which goes out the hole in the back of the table tennis ball. Then look at it every night, if you can, at least look at it as often as possible. Because the more you look at it when you are half-asleep, the more likely you are to be able to see it when you are awake. When you can see it when you are awake then you can act with your intent and draw the mentality fluid out the little hole in the back. Bring it underneath the table-tennis ball and forward of the table-tennis ball and there you will be in the Second Attention. Then you must close the hole in the back of the ball. This stops your mentality from being sucked back into the ball.

    The process is as follows. Find a chair in which you can let your head go back so you can see the ceiling. Now shut your eyes. As your mentality drips out of the hole in the back of the table tennis ball, bring it forward with your tongue. If you have a good firm relationship with your spirit guide, talk to this person because now they can really help you. Ask your spirit guide if you have moved 100% of the mentality forward.

    Then you need to make a seal around the projector pole and the hole in the table tennis ball. This is to stop the ball from sucking your mentality back. With a strip of your own energy, wrap it around the pole that goes through the hole to seal the hole. Ask your spirit guide if the seal is good. When it is, you have arrived. You are in the Second Attention.

    Because it is the sort of thing you will wonder, I am cleverer when in the Second Attention. Of course, I am cleverer than when I am in the First Attention with an Anunnaki projected mentality. So will you be.

    One final thing, once you are in the second attention, it is necessary to avoid alcohol of whatever sort for one month. That is because the negativity inherent in alcohol will destroy your work.

    If you want to read about the Second Attention, I recommend the books by Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner and Taisha Abelar. There is also a Third Attention. But you must work that out for yourself.

    There is also love. This is projected forward by the heart chakra. Love is thus independent of all other emotions which arise lower down in the human form. Now there is another genetic modification and that is an energetic plate in front of the heart chakra. So the challenge is to project enough love. If you can do that, the whole process of the projected Anunnaki thoughts shuts down automatically. So that is another challenge to you.